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Stick Out Your Tongue and Say MOO
A new original musical comedy (2017)

What happens when a young male veterinarian from the city gets his first job in the Ottawa Valley and encounters lonely middle-aged farm women, resentful colleagues, skeptical farmers and a profession going through lots of changes?
Stick Out Your Tounge and Say Moo

Stick Out Your Tongue and Say MOO - Making the rounds with the Amorous Veterinarian answers some of these tricky questions in musical romantic-comedy fashion. The latest from Stone Fence Theatre producer Ish Theilheimer is based on interviews with vets and veterinarian workers about the ups and downs of their work.

The show features eleven new songs that attempt to capture some of what he heard from them - the hard work, the pressure, the wacky clients and the sense of doing something important.

The show, under the direction of Chantal Elie-Sernoskie, features Danielle Bissonnette, Evan Burgess, Chantal Elie-Sernoskie, Shirley Hill, Cathy Lyons, Ambrose Mullin, and Derek Tolhurst, with support from Clint Savage, Nigel Epps, Fran Pinkerton and Lesley Sneddon. The band includes Peter Brown on keys, John Doddridge on guitar, Derek Tolhurst on bass and Ish Theilheimer, also the show's musical director, on fiddle.

Although the details about modern veterinary practice and agriculture are based on interviews, the plot is pure fiction: Young veterinarian Robert finds himself repeatedly accosted by lonely clients, much to the annoyance of female colleagues in a clinic that reflects the current trend of young women far outnumbering young men in the profession.

"I heard some very funny stories doing the research for this show," says Theilheimer, "And also very moving ones. It's not an easy job, there’s a lot of pressure. I hope the show will strike a chord, especially with rural residents and pet owners from everywhere."

Due to construction at the recent summer home of Stone Fence Theatre in Eganville, performances this summer will be at the Rankin Culture & Recreation Centre, about 15 minutes north of Eganville. There's also a show on August 10 in Barrys Bay.

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Also, on August 1, 2017 in Rankin, Stone Fence Theatre presents a real East Coast Ceidligh with some of Cape Breton's finest talent - Andrea Beaton (fiddle/piano) and Troy MacGillivray (fiddle/piano), Matt MacIsaac (pipes/whistles) and Nathan Bishop (vocals/guitar). Each is an outstanding talents in his own right, and collectively, the evening promises to be a real Down East treat.

In fall, Stone Fence Theatre returns to Eganville and then goes to Pembroke and Killaloe, with a side-trip to Westmeath.

Tickets for all shows are now available online or by phone at 1-866-310-1004.

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